Our Sudsy Story

SoftSoap® line

At Softsoap®, we believe that the little moments throughout your day should be fun! With delightful bubbles and surprisingly fragrant scents, every trip to the sink and every shower leaves you feeling uplifted. Enjoy those small moments of joy, get brilliantly clean - now, you’re ready to take on the world!

Making Bubbles Since 1975

Softsoap® has been passionate about soap for over 40 years, since it introduced the first ever liquid hand soap. Today we offer over 50 different formulas made with world class fragrances.

SoftSoap® brand

The brains behind our bubbles make every bottle good for the earth and body

SoftSoap® benefits

Our teams are working together every day to reduce our impact on our environment. We are focused on significantly reducing our new plastic use and ensuring Softsoap® packaging is recyclable. Currently we make our bottles with at least 35% recycled plastic.

SoftSoap® team

Our dedicated Scientists, Production professionals and Quality Engineers bring those suds to life and bottles to your homes! We’re passionate about soap. We dream about bubbles, developing new products, and making sure you are joyfully clean!